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    Oh my god. This kitten is named LeVar Purrton.

    Someone needs to cosplay this

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    Talkative/Overly Friendly White woman at the Farmers Market



  3. "I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect."

  4. "And it’s even worse because Bill Cosby has the fucking smuggest old black man public persona that I hate. ‘Pull your pants up, black people. I was on TV in the ’80s. I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom.’ Yeah, but you raped women, Bill Cosby. So, brings you down a couple of notches. … I’ve done this bit onstage, and people don’t believe. People think I’m making it up. …That shit is upsetting. If you didn’t know about it, trust me. You leave here and google ‘Bill Cosby rape.’ It’s not funny."

    Hannibal Buress, during his set Thursday at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia

    13 women have accused Bill Cosby of rape — so why has America forgiven him? 

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    sexy inexplicable melancholy

    I think the time is ripe to reblog this.

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    Im pretty sure I walk past a lot more cops than that


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  7. The Mike Brown they don’t want you to see. Never forget. #nojusticenopeace #staywoke #arrestdarrenwilson

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    Be fearless and stay on your grind. Be legendary! (at ✨👑👑✨)

    Diosas Latinas. 

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    yes you can.

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